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Dwarven Champion 2016-10-05

Dwarven Champion

  1. WarKirby
    This was a lot of work. This unit is a heavily armoured dwarf, designed to fit the Champion role for dwarven races in Fall From Heaven.

    In addition to heavy platemail, he carries a massive shield on his back, tortoise style. This isn't used directly in combat, as he wields a gilded, two handed axe for a weapon.

    This unit is fully gloss mapped, all metal parts shine appropriately. It also uses a custom KFM I assembled from Great Commander and Warrior animations, giving him a unique idle animation, which can be seen in the topleft/topright of the attached image. The KFM and all associated animations are included in this download, within a seperate folder. The folder contains everything needed for the animations to work fine. The unit and the animations do NOT have to be in the same place. I personally like to store the 2h commander folder under assets/art/animations

    This unit is relatively high poly for a foot unit, and has a lot of custom mesh work. But I've optimised it as much as I can, and its about as expensive as an average horse archer.

    Also included, button art, to save the trouble. look for Dwarvenchampion.dds in the top level of the zip (not inside either subfolder)


    • 1284 faces
    • 4 textures
      • Dwarven_champion.dds 256x256
      • Dwarven_champion_gloss.dds 256x256 (glossmap)
      • axe_tex.dds 64x128
      • axe_tex_gloss.dds 64x128 (glossmap)
    • Uses custom 2H Commander animations (included)


    1. demo3_69k.jpg