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Dynamic Diplomacy 1.5

Aims to make diplomacy more interesting and rewarding

  1. ChocolateShake
    The goal of this mod is to make diplomacy more rewarding and dynamic. Based on discussions I've read and my own viewpoint, I think the primary factor in diplomacy should be the actions you've taken, and that agendas need to be a secondary factor. Diplomacy also needs to be more rewarding.

    Note: I'll be posting an update later today to (2/12) to enable this mod to not require the Poland DLC, I'll update the installation instructions for it. I'll also be adding in custom leader friendship and alliance benefits, suggestions would be great.

    Main Changes
    In order to reach the mod's goal, several changes have been made. The main ones are:
    • Agenda modifications: all the modifiers for historical and random agendas have been set to have a maximum effect of 2 (Either positive or negative). Some agenda modifiers might still exceed this limit, but I'll be working on bringing them in line in future updates.
    • Recreated agendas: certain historical agendas had to be recreated in order to get them to be modifiable. Unfortunately at present I wasn't able to fully recreate all of them and had to change some as a result. The agendas that have been changed are the ones for Barbarossa, Saladin, Catherine and Trajan. Cleopatra, Hojo and Harald had recreatable agendas. More information on the changed agendas is listed below.
    • Diplomacy modifications: most diplomatic actions have had their impact and duration reduced. It should be easier now to make friends, and establishing trade routes takes on more meaning now along with gift-giving. Select diplomatic actions have been given more weight, for example, razing a city, liberating a city, declaring friendship with an enemy and denouncing an enemy. I'll be providing a comprehensive list of diplomatic changes soon.
    • Diplomacy rewards: Friendship benefits are now available; you gain benefits after befriending leaders (the bonuses are listed below, and can be found in game in the tool-tip for the leader agenda). Research agreements are now available after discovering writing. The only requirement after that is for the target to be a declared friend.
    • Agenda requirement modifications: while testing I noticed that it's easier to trigger the negative requirements of agendas than the positive ones, especially for those that require yield ratios (culture, science, faith, etc.). I've set most ratios to be require -2 for the negative modifier to trigger, and 1.2 for the positive one to trigger. In addition, I've set the palace to be a wonder, this helps Qin not get angry as soon as you've built a single wonder, and I've made Pedro and and Peter more lenient with their agendas.
    • Agenda activation: by default, historical agendas activate 10 turns after meeting a leader, and random agendas activate after 30 turns. This has been changed so that historical agendas take 30 turns to activate, and random agendas take 50 turns.
    • Replaced all random agendas with new ones: a series of new random agendas have been set. The aim is to make them more balanced in relation to each other, and now each random agenda has 3 possible positive modifiers, and only 1 possible negative modifiers. The goal is to make the agendas more conducive to friendly relations. More information is listed below.


    • Windows: Go to "My Documents", then "My Games", and then "Sid Meier's Civilization VI". There should be a "Mods" folder there, extract the zip file and place the folder in the mods folder.
    • Mac: Go to "~/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.civ6.appstore/Data/Library/Application Support/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods" and place the extracted folder there.

    Note: If you would like to use the mod with the Poland DLC inactive, please delete the "dlcChanges.sql" file after installing the mod.

    Enable the mod by activating it under "Additional Content" in the menu.

    Making Changes
    If you want to change the values for the turn requirements
    1. Open the "slowAgendas" file in Notepad or another text editor.
    2. On the fifth line, you can change Value="30" to another value to change how long it takes for most of the leader agendas to activate.
    3. On the tenth line, you can change Value="50" to another value to change how long it takes for most non-leader-specific agendas to activate.

    This mod should be compatible with all mods except for other mods that change agenda or diplomacy modifiers, and those that change agendas.

    If you would like to use the mod with the Poland DLC inactive, please delete the "dlcChanges.sql" file after installing the mod.

    New Historical Agendas
    • Barbarossa: likes civilizations with high industry and a strong army. Dislikes civilizations that threaten or conquer city states.
    • Catherine: likes civilizations with high culture output, dislikes civilizations with low culture output.
    • Trajan: likes civilizations with a high standing army and high income, dislikes civilizations with a low standing army and income.
    • Saladin: likes civilizations that are peaceful and have a high faith output. Dislikes civilizations that spread their religion to him.

    New Random Agendas
    • Naturalist: Likes civilizations that respect nature. Also likes civilizations that explore and have high happiness. Dislikes civilizations that clear natural features.
    • Disciplined: Likes leaders that build wonders. Also likes leaders that have high production or those who have a high scientific output. Dislikes leaders that have less wonders than they do.
    • Warrior: Likes leaders that clear barbarian camps. Also likes leaders that attack city states, or those with a high standing army. Dislikes leaders that ignore barbarian camps.
    • Explorer: Likes leaders that explore more than they do. Also likes leaders who clear barbarian camps and protect the environment. Dislikes leaders who explore less than they do.
    • Industrialist: Likes leaders that have a lot of production. Also likes leaders who exploit their land or have a high income. Dislikes leaders with low industry.
    • Modernizer: Likes leaders that have more technology or civics than they do. Also likes leaders with a high science output or those who have lots of great people. Dislikes leaders that lag behind in technology and culture.
    • Pacifist: Likes leaders that avoid warmongering. Also likes leaders who have high happiness or a low standing army. Dislikes warmongers.
    • City state advocate: Likes leaders that compete with them for city state allegiance. Also likes leaders that protect city states, or those who clear barbarian camps. Dislikes leaders that attack city states.
    • Devout: Likes leaders with a high faith output. Also likes leaders with lots of culture or a large population. Dislikes leaders that have little faith output.
    • Economist: Likes leaders with a high income. Also likes leaders with high populations, or who have luxuries that they don't. Dislikes leaders with a small income.
    • Leader of the people: Likes leaders that keep their people happy. Also likes leaders that have lots of production or a large population. Dislikes leaders with a small population.
    • Iron fist: Likes leaders with a large standing army. Also likes leaders that have lots of production or who attack city states. Dislikes leaders with a small standing army.
    • City state protector: Likes leaders that protect city states. Also likes leaders with a large standing army or airforce. Dislikes leaders that attack city states.
    • Cultured: Likes leaders with lots of culture. Also likes leaders who build wonders or lead in progress. Dislikes leaders with little culture.
    • Excelsior: Likes leaders with lots of great people. Also likes leaders that build wonders and those who lead in progress. Dislikes leaders that lag behind in great people.
    • Paranoid: Likes leaders that have a low standing army or who pose no threat to them. Also likes leaders who don't have many nukes. Dislikes leaders that settle close by or have a large army next to them.

    Friendship Benefits
    This update caps gift-giving at +5 maximum effect, but makes it so that gifts have a better cost to benefit ratio than the past update (so less gold for the same effect). It also adds what will hopefully be a great new feature, friendship benefits. Once I figure out how to make alliances tougher to get, I'll add benefits for those as well.

    I'd like to say a special thanks to [to_xp]Gekko, Sun Ce of Wu and View619 for their feedback and suggestions for this feature.

    To view the friendship benefits in-game, take a look at the leader's agenda tool-tip. I'm looking into including it in the diplomacy panel/making it clearer (thanks for the suggestion View619).

    Here are the list of benefits that you can now get by befriending the leaders:

    • Industrial zones gain +1 Production
    • Monuments gain +2 Culture
    • Granaries gain +1 Food
    • Holy sites gain +2 Food
    • Palace gains +2 Science and Culture
    • Encampments gain +2 Culture
    • Harbors gain +2 Gold
    • Encampments gain +2 Faith
    Mvemba a Nzinga
    • Markets gain +2 Food
    • Theaters produce +1 Great Musician points
    • Palace gains +8 Culture
    • Commercial hubs gain +1 Science
    • Holy sites gain +2 Faith
    • Walls gain +2 Culture
    • Campuses gain +2 Faith
    • Stables gain +4 Culture
    • Cities gain +1 Housing
    • Campuses gain +1 Science and Gold
    • Harbors gain +1 Gold and Production
    • Palace provides +8 faith

    Future Updates

    Feedback would greatly appreciated, I've tried to test these changes as extensively as possible. I'm considering creating custom, fixed agendas for each leader to make them have more character, but might add that as another mod.

    While modding, I noticed that leaders can have custom statements (so they don't all have to have the exact same phrase for, say, commending you on having high happiness). I'll be adding in custom random agenda statements for each leader in future updates. If you'd like to suggest additions, please post them here.

    I'm sure more changes will be made based on the feedback received and any further testing.

    I hope you enjoy this mod! Future updates are in the works.
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