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Dynamic Techs 2.2

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Latest updates

  1. Added minimum religious trickle

    Since religious beliefs sort of just happen over time historically, I gave the mod a minimum...
  2. Added minimum beaker amount

    Now the minimum trickle toward any tech is 1 beaker/turn.
  3. Balanced slightly

    Turned down the trickle rates by about half.
  4. Removed debugging messages

    I used some messages to debug and forgot to remove them when I uploaded it
  5. Bug fixes

    Fixed 6 different bugs that made the mod unusable; now it seems to be working fine, although the...
  6. Prereqs fixed

    See thread
  7. Fixed the C++ exception and insta-religion techs

    Details in the thread
  8. Balancing a bit

    Balanced the mechanics and moved things around to be smoother
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