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e-Bank Wonder (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

More code from Thomas' War:

This wonder is rather strong, the 2% interest on gold reserves particularly (though even 1% would be strong), which is why I made it an end game wonder. Of course, feel free to edit any way you choose.

Increases gold reserves by 50%
2% interest on gold reserves every turn

All the python is labeled and searching for 'e-Bank' or just 'Bank' should find the changes. Just a note, I made Internet a pre-req. This doesn't mean you need to make the project just it has to have been made in the game. I did this through the SpecialBuildingInfo XML and ProjectInfo XML so be sure to edit those. Besides that my XML should be at the bottom.

I recommend downloading and using Winmerge to combine python.

XML, python: me (tsentom1)
model, button: adapted from the Afterworld mod
movie: It's taken from Call to Power 2, I don't know who originally uploaded it here


Edit: Took away the trade route changed the gold bonus to 50% from 25%
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