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Earth 1600 AD 2016-10-05

Earth 1600 AD

  1. Lokolus
    The year is 1600 AD, The Spanish control most of the new world and Portugal colonized Africa, Asia and Brazil. But new powers are rising, The Dutch, English, French and even the Swedish start to settle the New World. Japan is thriving under Tokugawa's rule and the Ottomans are the strongest power in the world. Russia is expanding Eastwards and the Mughals are expanding South. this is the time when Empires forge, can you handle it?

    For BTS

    Playable civs:
    Spanish Empire
    Portuguese Empire
    English Empire
    Dutch Empire
    French Empire
    Holy Roman Empire
    Polish-Lithuanian Empire
    Swedish Empire
    Danish Empire
    Russian Empire
    Ottoman Empire
    Moroccian Empire
    Persian Empire
    Harar Sultanate
    Mughal Empire
    Japanese Empire
    Chinese Empire
    Korean Empire

    The scenario is updated once in a while so check the thread.