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Earth 1643 AD 2016-10-05

Earth 1643 AD!

Europe is in the 30 years war, the Holy Roman Empire is collapsing and losing it's importance while Sweden rise as a new power. All of the european nations are colonizing and exploring the world while Russia expands into the east and reached the Pacific Ocean. The Dutch just discovered Australia and Portugal is reconquering it's old colonies: Northern Brazil and Angola.The small Manchurian state starts to conquer the Chinese Ming dinasty and founded a new dinasty, Qing. England is in civil war and Louis XIV is king of France, at the age of 5.

Playable Civs:
Spanish Empire
Portuguese Empire
English Empire
Dutch Empire
Holy Roman Empire
French Empire
Danish Empire
Polish-Lithuanian Empire
Swedish Empire
Russian Empire
Chinese Empire (Ming)
Manchurian Empire (Qing)
Japanese Empire
Mughal Empire
Ottoman Empire
Persian Empire
Kanem-bornu Empire
Harar Sultanate

Only for BTS
This game should be played in Epic speed!
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