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Earth 1750-500 BC 2016-10-05

Earth 1750-500 BC

  1. Atoll
    Our World in Bronze & early Iron Age (between 1750 and 500 years BC). 10 civilizations & several barbarian towns.

    Babylonia (2 towns, advanced science)
    China (only 1 town)
    Egypt (2 towns, advanced science, Pyramids)
    Greece (2 towns, slavery)
    India (only 1 town: Indraprastha - Holy Sity in future)
    Phoenicia (3 towns, advanced science)
    Celts (3 towns, weak sciense, Stonehenge)
    Israel (Only 1 town: Jerusalem - Holy Sity in future, organized religion,)
    Hatti (2 towns, slavery)
    Kush (only 1 town, weak sciense)

    You can choose one of three variants:
    - Epic speed, only 50 turns between 1750 and 500 BC)
    - Marathon speed, 125 turns between 1750 and 500 BC)
    - Unlimited (epic speed & scenario ends in 2050, as usual game)

    New version:

    1) Now called Earth 1750-500 BC (50 turns on epic speed).
    2) Added Celts (leader - Teutorix).

    New (final) version:

    1) Now three versions: Epic, Marathon & Unlimited (please read the Notes.txt).
    2) Added Jews (leader - Solomon), Hittites (Mursilis) & Ku****es (Taharka).
    3) Now all early religions will be founded on their historical places.

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