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Earth 1790 AD 2016-10-05

Earth 1790 AD

  1. Lokolus
    Earth 1790 AD!!!

    The French revolution has just started and so does the Napoleonic wars, The European Empires are growing large from Impreialism and Colonialism in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Ancient Empires such as China, Japan, Ethiopia and Persia struggle to survive, while Thoughts of Independence are spreading in Spanish South America.

    Playable civs:
    British Empire
    French Empire
    Russian Empire
    Austrian Empire
    Prussian Empire
    American Empire
    Colombian Empire
    Spanish Empire
    Portugese Empire
    Ottoman Empire
    Persian Empire
    Ethiopian Empire
    Chinese Empire
    Japanese Empire
    Vietnamese Empire
    Italian States
    Scandinavian States
    Batavian Republic

    For BTS only.
    Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=6033861#post6033861
    The game updates once in a while so check the thread