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Earth 1862 AD 2016-10-05

Earth 1862 AD

  1. Lokolus
    Earth 1862!!!

    Germany an Italy are unifying while the American Civil War is at its peak. Japan, a small feudal state, is restoring itself and becoming one of the strongest and most advanced nations in the world. The Boers had founded the South African Republic and the Second Opium War is being fought in China.

    This scenario should only be played in Marathon speed!

    Playable Civs:

    British Empire
    French Empire
    German Empire
    Austro-Hungarian Empire
    Italian Empire
    Iberian Empire
    Union of Norway and Sweden
    Dutch Empire
    Russian Empire
    United States of America
    Confederate States of America
    Japanese Empire
    Chinese Empire
    Ottoman Empire
    South African Empire
    Argentinean Empire
    Brazilian Empire
    Mexican Empire

    Rhye for the map
    Ekmek for the idea

    Only for BTS

    The scenario is being updated so check the Thread