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Earth 1890 A.D. v7 2016-10-05

Earth 1890 A.D. v7

  1. HardRocker
    Earth 1890 A.D.

    Hello, this is my first file/project in quite a while, so I hope it works well and is enjoyable.

    This is a scenario of Earth in a world where world leaders live forever, are never impeached or removed from office, and wear the same style of clothes for millenia!

    This is an earth map, built around a scenario in which the world has reached the point where there is no more room for peaceful expansion, except the barbarian-ridden islands in the Pacific. All Civlizations start in-between the Renaissance and Industrial Eras technologically.

    The playable nations are:
    -African Coalition (Songhai)
    -Arabian Federation
    -Australia (Polynesia)
    -Canada (Iriquois)
    -Colombian Republic (Inca, DLC)
    -Kingdom of Denmark (DLC)
    -Great Britain (England)
    -Iran (Babylon, DLC)
    -Imperial Japan (Japan)
    -Italy (Rome)
    -Korea (DLC)
    -Mexico (Aztec)
    -Pakistan (Persia)
    -Spain (DLC)
    -Thailand (Siam)
    -Turkey (The Ottomans)
    -United States (America)
    -U.S.S.R. (Russia)

    I plan on adding later versions with a specialized calendar that goes by days rather than years, and goes slowly to stretch only 160 years over the course of 400 turns.

    All Civilizations start with under-developed cities, and somewhat improved territory. All Civilizations start with either one completed social policy tree or culture to spend as they please.

    Also, I aimed for balance over historical accuracy, in fact, the only real historical accuracy I aimed for are the date of the scenario, and the placement of cities.

    NOTE: Although I tried to give each Civilization a balanced start, Russia probably has the most difficult start, but it also has the start with the most potential.

    This version also includes a mod that is necessary for the correct scenario timeline.

    The thread for this file can be found HERE.

    See the discussion thread for Special Thanks and Version Change-List. :goodjob:


    1. 2012_03_19_00002_9ba.jpg
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