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Earth 1914-1918 AD: World War I 2016-10-05

Earth 1914-1918 AD: World War I

  1. Lokolus
    The Great War.

    The First World War had began, The Austro-Hungarians attacked Serbia and launched a massive war between the Central Power and the Entente Powers, meanwhile in Russia a civil war breaks between the whites and the reds. the Ottoman Empire is making it's last stand: British, French and Australian forces are conquering it bit by bit. in the Pacific, Japan and Australia are fighting for control on the German colonies. the United States of America, a new power is still neutral but they can always join the war...

    This scenario should be played only in Marathon speed!!!

    Playable Civs:
    United States of America
    German Kaiserreich
    United Kingdom
    Austro-Hungarian Empire
    French Third Republic
    Ottoman Empire
    Bolshevist Russia
    Monarchist Russia
    Kingdom of Italy
    Republic of China
    Empire of Japan
    Benelux Customs Union
    Republic of Spain and Portugal
    Qajar Iran
    Scandinavian Republics
    Republic of Brazil
    Commonwealth of Australia

    For BTS only!


    This scenario is based on WWI, not on summer 1914 or any other date.

    Rhye for the map
    "french civ fan" for the idea

    I hope you enjoy!

    This scenario is an active development so check the thread for updates.


    1. ww1_BJ3.jpg
    2. ww2_yTy.jpg
    3. ww3_xRD.jpg
    4. ww4_801.jpg