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Earth 20/20 1.22

A continuation of the classic Earth 2010 mod by BarbarianKing

  1. GreatLordofPie
    A new modern day mod based on BarbarianKing's classic Earth 2010 mod, using Genghis Kai's Giant Earth Map as a base, providing BUG, RevDCM, BetterAI, and other features.

    For news, hotfixes, or if you want to download "version 1.0" (without the bells and whistles) check out the Discussion Thread.

    Also, check out BarbarianKing's Earth 2020 for Civ 6 Gathering Storm

    Most recent changelog:
    Spoiler :

    Changelog (1.22)
    >Added TopSecret's "SpyProcess" for direct production of Espionage Points
    >Vassal parameters adjusted - experimental for future updates
    -LeaderheadInfos.xml and GlobalDefines.xml
    -Tech changed Future Tech
    >Changed locations of Berlin and Warsaw to avoid borders from becoming East Prussia
    >gave Ukraine/Georgia 2 more cities in Ukraine, moved Kiev and Donetsk
    >added Tirane to "Other" Balkan territory
    >various Culture rebalances
    >fixed error with bStateReligion status (Direct Democracy gives no state religion, as intended)
    >Hit resources taken off Telecoms
    >Coal taken off Oil Companies
    >Standard Ethanol produces Sweet Crude
    >added food increase back for Retail and Online Retail
    >threshold for Defense Pact increased to Friendly for all leaders
    >Ukrainian UB "Independence Square" given +3 Entrenched XP
    >Palace changed to modern model
    >The Oracle move to Tech New Physics
    >Hit Movie wonders (Hollywood x3, Bollywood x2)
    >Hit single wonders (Rock and Roll x3, Gangnam x2)
    >Hit games wonders (Tencent x3, (NEW)Silicon Valley x2)
    >BBC given Sistine Chapel effect
    >Pandemic response food debuff removed
    >flavour units
    >weird stuff with modern infantry UUs fixed
    >change autogun to CIWS/CRAM and make it upgrade to ASAT
    >New "Modern Trebuchet" unit - MLRS (weaker but higher city attack, bombardment, carries 1 Missile)
    >give Utility Chopper bonus vs Shock Troops
    >adjusted COIN->UAV->UCAV upgrade path
    >COIN now carrier borne
    >Military levels for Aircraft (Airport -> Military I, Airbase -> Military 2, Aerospace Factory -> Military 3)
    >adjusted some upgrade paths
    -AA Gun->C-RAM Battery (& SAM Infantry)->ASAT
    >add missile unit category
    >C-RAM/ASAT line small bonus vs Aircraft, mainly countermissile/counterspace
    >changing aircraft balance again (UUs are "flavour", differences in capability represented by starting promos/XP)
    >updated future units ("next gen")
    -All future units have collateral protection from Armor (Dreadnaught)
    -Unmanned Destroyer (Tech: Nanotechnology)
    -Powered Infantry (Increase strength, remove blitz, no Collateral from Siege, make upgrade of Modern Infantry)
    -UCAV range doubled
    >Orbital Weapon Platform given massive collateral, cost increase 25%
    >New future units
    -ACV (Mech Infantry) -> Gains Blitz + SAM (Tech: Artificial Intelligence)
    -Tiltrotor (Gunship) -> gains benefits of Gunship and Uility Chopper (Tech: Quantum Computing)
    -HFOB (ICBM) -> 100% SDI evasion (Tech: Space Militarization)
    -Foil Transport (Transport) -> Very fast transport (Tech: Shielding)
    -Supersoldier (Special Forces) -> Super advanced SpecOps (Techs: Bionics and Human Cloning)
    -World Unit: TENET - Early Supersoldier with 2x Respawn


    1. map 2017.png
    2. ships.png
    3. techs.png
    4. usa orbat.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. civcivcivcivciv
    Version: 1.22
    lots of unique units
    1. GreatLordofPie
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your continued support and feedback throughout development!