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Earth 20/20 1.1

A continuation of the classic Earth 2010 mod by BarbarianKing

  1. GreatLordofPie
    A new modern day mod based on BarbarianKing's classic Earth 2010 mod, using Genghis Kai's Giant Earth Map as a base, providing BUG, RevDCM, BetterAI, and other features.

    For news, hotfixes, or if you want to download "version 1.0" (without the bells and whistles) check out the Discussion Thread.

    Most recent changelog:
    Spoiler :

    -35+ new, fully fleshed out technologies

    -Readjustments to unit costs to make more advanced units more expensive
    -Added more prereq buildings for advanced units
    -6 new generic Air Units
    -4 new generic Armored Units
    -1 new generic Gunpowder unit
    -9 new generic Naval units
    -Repurposed Unit Category: Mounted
    -Represents Mechanized Infantry styled units
    -New Unit Category: Entrenched
    -11 generic units including SAM, AT, and MG styled units
    -New Unit Category: Shock Troops
    -6 generic units styled after Marines and Paratroops
    -New Unit Category: Submersible Units
    -3 existing submarines plus 1 future submarine
    -New Unit Category: Space Units
    -1 powerful end game unit

    -16 new buildings
    -3 new National Wonders
    -8 new Great Wonders

    -4 new civilizations (Algeria, Italy, Ukraine, Philippines)
    -24 new leaders (including Trump, Xi Jinping, etc for 2017 start)

    -New Scenario - Earth 2017
    -Vanilla corps added as future "megacorps"
    -New civic category: Pandemic Response


    1. map 2017.png
    2. ships.png
    3. techs.png
    4. usa orbat.png

Recent Updates

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