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Earth 20/20 1.1

A continuation of the classic Earth 2010 mod by BarbarianKing

  1. Earth 20/20: Decades update

    Enhanced mid-to-late gameplay


    1. techs.png
    2. map 2017.png
    3. ships.png
    4. usa orbat.png
  2. Earth 20/20 1.06

    New graphics for UB's and 2 new unitclasses. See changelog for details.
  3. Hotfix 1.05a

    Fixes a minor error with naval prereq buildings
  4. Earth 20/20 1.05

    Rebalancing unit and building production, adding new UBs, and a new scenario. See the thread for more details.
  5. Earth 20/20

    Added minor changes to buildings and fixed critical diplomacy bug. Hotfix available in thread