Earth 2014

Earth 2014 2016-10-05

For Brave New World.
Earth in the present day. Play as one of 24 nations as you compete for dominance in the modern age. Includes 7 new technologies, 2 additional unit classes (and 20 new UUs), 5 new building classes (and 9 UBs), 4 scenario variations, and more.

Spoiler :

1) USA
2) China
3) Russia
4) Japan
5) Germany
6) United Kingdom
7) France
8) India
9) Brazil
10) Indonesia
11) Australia
12) Canada
13) Mexico
14) Argentina
15) South Africa
16) Saudi Arabia
17) Turkey
18) Pakistan
19) Iran
20) South Korea
21) Egypt
22) Nigeria
23) North Korea
24) Israel

Spoiler :
Earth 2014 (Standard): Standard size map, 22 major civs (#1-22), 24 minor civs
Earth 2014 (Standard - Enlarged): Standard size map with slightly enlarged Europe and Japan regions, 22 major civs (#1-22), 24 minor civs
Earth 2014 (Huge 1): Huge size map, 22 major civs (#1-22), 36 minor civs
Earth 2014 (Huge 2): Huge size map, 22 major civs (#1-20, 23, 24), 37 minor civs

Technical Note: Requires Brave New World and Korea DLC
Don't have Korea and don't want to buy? See the first post in the discussion thread (link below).

Installation: Extract to your MODS folder (standard location: Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS)

Setup: After loading the mod, select "Custom Game" and then choose whichever of the four scenarios you wish to play.

Discussion Thread

Downloads: The link above goes to Game Front. Alternate hosting sites are linked to below.
Steam Download Page

Spoiler :

v 2.4 (11/15/15)
-Fixed different-era theming bonus issue
-Updated Broadcast Tower by adding a theming bonus and added the new Public Library building, with a literature theming bonus
-Lowered the Tourism bonus achieved by researching the Internet
-Added the FV510 Warrior and Nimitz Class Carrier unique units to the UK and US, respectively
-Added EPR Nuclear Plant UB to France
-Added voiced Tech quotes
-Added starting trade units to civs
-Added new unit icons
-City of Suez added to all maps
-New city state (Greece) added to Huge maps
-New diplomatic modifiers added

v 2.3 (4/7/15)
-Added new art (by Kelnahas) for leader screens and various icons
-Changed some Civ UAs
-Gave city states nation names, in addition to city names
-Nuclear missile range increased, made immune to nuclear strikes
-20 cities added to the Huge maps (1 to France, 19 to various city states)
-New scenario setup menu implemented

v 2.2 (5/3/14)
-Removed Settler unit
-Slowed population and border growth
-Added two new city states to the huge maps (Baghdad & Singapore)

v2.1 (3/16/14)
-Fixed religion bug that was crashing games played in a language other than English
-Fixed problem with soundtracks
-Removed obsolete UUs from Civs
-Added Mil Mi-24 as a UU

v2.0 (3/6/14)
-Added music to leaders (existing tracks used, no new ones)
-Added two new religions (Judaism and Buddhism)
-Changed two policies to make them more relevant to this scenario
-Add text tags for all languages (text itself is still in English)
-Fixed UI issue with icons on the religion screen
-Fixed minor text issues

v1.1 (2/28/14)
-Fixed city-state border bug
-Fixed UI issue: icons were not showing up properly in the declare war pop-up
-Removed starting trade units to avoid first turn trade route bug; increased players' starting gold to compensate

Spoiler :
New leader screens and icons by kelnahas
7 new building icons, Australia map by TPangolin
Canada, Nigeria, North Korea, South Korea, South Africa, Egypt, France, China, Japan maps by Viregel
Jet Bomber mod by Ekmek, KnelRivendare, Jinzor
UAV mod by Ekmek, asioasioasio
Other unit models from the CFC database by snafusmith, Wolfdog, blazekid87, coyote, Sharick, and Refar
Mexico, USA map by janboruta (from other mods)
Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran map by Davey_Henninger (from other mods)
Argentina map by Pouakai (from other mod)
Synagogue icon by Leugi (from other mod)
Some UI files by whoward

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