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Earth 600 BC 2016-10-05

Earth 600 BC

  1. Lokolus
    Earth 600 BC!

    This is the Era of small nations, minor cultures that effect only their small area, but there are exceptions... The Persian, Roman and Macedonian Empires are rising while the older Carthaginian and Babylonian Empires are expanding, citystates are built in the Americas, The Greeks are colonizing the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and the Judean Kingdom is making it's last stand, can you transform you're small nation into a strong Empire?

    Playable Civilizations:
    Macedonian Empire
    Persian Empire
    Roman Empire
    Greek Empire
    Babylonian Empire
    Judean Empire
    Carthaginian Empire
    Celtic Empire
    Scythian Empire
    Chinese Empire
    Japanese Empire
    Sabean Empire
    Nubian Empire
    Egyptian Empire
    Tiwanaku Empire
    Mayan Empire
    Teotihuacan Empire


    Only for BTS
    Should be played in marathon speed

    Rhye for the map