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Earth Fantasy Mod(EFM) 2020-05-01

New fantasy civilizations in the Earth, new species, buildings and wonders, advences and units, etc.

  1. unartis
    Earth Fantasy Mod(EFM)
    beta version: 1.40

    31 species, clans and hordes start on the Earth in Middle Ages. There are Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dark-Orc( and Goblin), Dwarf (and Chaos Dwarf), Humans (Knight, Wizard, Nomad, and Halfling) and Undead cultures in GAME.

    New victory condition has been activated in version Beta 1.40, Elixir of Might can be created (instead of Space Race victory)

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    New repair and additions beta pach (for earlier versions):
    Upload Date: February 18, 2021
    bug fixes and civilopedia additions to the mod(made for version 1.40 only).


    1. Elf_Tree_Common_Large.jpg
    2. Orc_Dagger_Common_Large.jpg
    3. Dwarf_Hammer_Dwarf_Large.jpg
    4. Human_Shield_Human_Large.jpg
    5. Undead_Axe_Undead_Large.jpg
    6. W_DW_Amber_Ring_Large.jpg
    7. W_Golden_Apple_Garden_Large.jpg
    8. Portal_Gate_Large.jpg
    9. P_The_Potion_of_Healing_Large.jpg
    10. W_WI_LordofFire_Magic_Orb_Large.jpg