Earth map 160x90 V.3.0.

A map that displays our entire planet.

  1. Saint3639

    Map created, personally by me according to my subjective opinion! a little disproportionate, Europe is slightly enlarged, some islands are also slightly enlarged, but everything is located geographically correct relatively.....

    There are all the Wonders of Nature, the continents are much more, purely symbolic added such historical areas as Cimmeria, the Baltic, etc.

    All states will be located in random places because it's just a map, not a mod, and plus the ability to choose their civilizations are placed geographically correct, etc., they are standard for a huge map, using the in-game editor.

    Map made with all the latest additions, received bolle may be in the artistic style as for each area or continent was trying to do individual scenery, such as wetlands of Siberia or the Amazon tropics.

    The resources are historically and geographically correct, i.e. Elephants, Sheep, etc. are not in the New World, and on the contrary, Cacao and Tobacco are not in the Old World...

    South was a little cut and stretched to fit everything to the maximum, as the map was cut down several times in size and the continents are not, all this is to optimize it for medium and weak PCs, as during extensive tests were found crashes and glitches in maps larger size type: 166h96 and larger ..., perhaps for larger maps need a more powerful computer.


    In the archive, two folders, Russian and English versions, the folder will be a map file.
    File with the map to drop to the path:

    C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Saves\WorldBuilder

    And activate the menu modifications, then select the map in the menu maps, about the network game, I can not say anything, should work without problems.


    1. nQm7h9ugVIObklhEDkZBJQ.png
    2. bVXb8k7Ns44EWXNIFmxrXg.png
    3. jJTlWSS73ONUVaCK1Udn_Q.png
    4. kfSiG9vW3sVJ12dg7HCYSQ.png
    5. pLnjV1So2uaNKE4YGLVAkQ.png
    6. PRUMiXyuNlkgpS306V0egg.png
    7. SmD1LaZLNDiYcGIFqMhIGQ.png
    8. xTCHPSPh8a-9ITzOuZb68g.png
    9. _00nbOGmPJ_-DbDdFV4dXA.png
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