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Earth Plus map for Gods and Kings 2016-10-05

Earth Plus map for Gods and Kings

  1. chrissifniotis
    CAUTION! This map includes the Atoll terrain feature and the Cerro de Potosi Natural Wonder. The map requires the Polynesia DLC and, as a safety measure although it will be edited if inaccurate, the Spain vs Inca DLC for the terrain features.
    To install the map, unzip the archived file and then place the file into the extension;
    My Documents > My Games > Sid Meier's Civilization 5 > Maps (Windows 7, other OS may vary)

    Playing a lot of the Earth map I found that the Earth map provided in Gods and Kings updated the resources to the map, but not placing the new Natural Wonders onto it. So I went out and put them there!
    This is a .Civ5Map file placing all 12 real Natural Wonders on the huge Earth map provided by Civilization V. The map also uses the Atoll terrain feature on the largest atolls on the planets that include archipelago regions such as the Maldives, the Coral Sea islands and the Northern Hawai'i Atoll. All the Atoll features are reachable in any given city radius; ie as many as three tiles away from to land.
    The map includes;
    the original Earth Huge map and all its contents
    the Cerro de Potosi, Mount Kailash, Mount Sinai, Sri Pada and Uluru Natural Wonders on their most accurate tiles
    19 Atoll features across on their most accurate accessible tiles.

    Ingame images will replace these in time...

    Mount Sinai and Mount Kailash
    Spoiler :

    the Atolls near Madagascar, the Maldives and Sri Pada
    Spoiler :

    Far East Asia and Micronesia
    Spoiler :

    near Jakarta, Uluru and the Coral Sea
    Spoiler :

    Micronesia and the Northern Hawai'i Atoll
    Spoiler :