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Earth (Tiny) by veBear [Warlords and BTS] 2016-10-05

Earth (Tiny) by veBear [Warlords and BTS]

  1. veBear
    A map of earth. Works on both BTS and Warlords. More info below:

    Earth (Tiny)
    - Two Hemispeheres (Pretty obivious )
    - Preset Resources (Balancing)
    - Six preset civilizations (Aztecs, Carthage, Chinese, Inca, India, Russia)
    - Three options by default (Permanent Alliances, Agressive AI, Raging Barbarians)

    Enjoy, and do not forget to rate and comment in my thread ;)


    1. gaia__tiny__main_image_finished_diM.jpg
    2. gaia__tiny__europe0000_jBh.jpg
    3. gaia__tiny__africa0000_c8z.jpg
    4. gaia__tiny__asia0000_m16.jpg
    5. gaia__tiny__polynesia0000_cN4.jpg
    6. gaia__tiny__north_america0000_65e.jpg
    7. gaia__tiny__south_america0000_ssl.jpg
    8. eurasia0000_ls8.jpg
    9. montezuma0000_Kny.jpg