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Earth Tournament 0.66 2016-10-05

earth tournament a more competive version of earth.

Changes to date.
*Spain moved from europe to argentina
* inca have better starting spot
* aztec and inca can rush each other on land
* mali can cross atlantic on a galley
* america starts on horses
* england can cross atlantic via greenland on a galley
* japan can cross bering straight through a galley
* france starts on stone
* germany starts on copper hill in europe
* greece starts on stone in europe
* egypt start modifed for better health
* more narrow crossing between india and persia
* india starts on copper
* mongolia starts on horse in asia
* more richer resources up north
* all rainforest replaced by forest to make south more competive
*australia made much more attracitve settlement
*numerous islands modifed

more to come stay tuned! :)
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