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Earth18 variant = Geopolitica 2016-10-05

Earth18 variant = Geopolitica

  1. geopolitica
    This is a WorldBuilder save. For help in saving such files see https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/trouble-finding-world-builder-saves.485557/.
    For PC this will normally be Documents/MyGames/Beyond the Sword/Saves/Worldbuilder. Can be difficult because not related to basic Civ4 directories. So one downloads the RAR file and extracts it/copies it to this sub-directory.
    Loading/playing game: Single Player - Custom Scenarios -> will be listed as Earth18Civ_Geopolitica 2.2
    Settings: I recommend changing no settings - this WBsave was tested a great deal and standard settings are critical. Was developed and tested with K-Mod though should be good with vanilla.
    I think this is a really deep variant of Earth18 and I should love to see some comments ;)
    21 April 2018 Fluffy_Rabbit aka Geopolitica