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EarthBound: Eagleland 6.1

[BNW] Adds the Country of Eagleland led by Ness to Civilization V

  1. MariusMagnus
    The PSI Powerhouse, Ness of Eagleland, makes his way to Civilization V!

    UA: Eight Melodies - +1 to all yields from Natural Wonders. Receive bonuses for every eighth of the world's Natural Wonders you find.

    UU: Psychic - Unique Unit that does not replace anything. Becomes stronger as the player progresses with the Eight Melodies, and may use special PSI techniques at the start of their turn to enhance their capabilities.

    UB: Drugstore - Replaces the market. Along with the normal bonuses of the market, the Drugstore provides +2 Gold and Production if the city is connected to the capital.

    Compatible with 3rd Unique Component, 4th Unique Component, Map Labels, Civ IV Traits in Civ V, Vox Populi

    Credits: Whoward69, Typhlomence, BouncyMischa

    To install, simply move the downloaded zip file to your mods directory and unzip.

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