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EarthBound: Eagleland 6.1

[BNW] Adds the Country of Eagleland led by Ness to Civilization V

  1. Update 6.1

    • Plots no longer have a reduced buying cost for Eagleland - unintended bug
    • Fixes to the unique diplomacy script for when Ness is not in the game
    • Psychics now have custom names
    • Ness now has a new Leader Icon
    • Added Dawn of Man Music
    • Expanded Diplomacy Dialog - over 200 lines of more dialog
    • Broke up plot summary of EarthBound in the Civilopedia into sections
  2. Version 6

    Now compatible with Events and Decisions
    • Decision: Formalize Mu Training - Requires 4/8 sanctuaries discovered, 1 Magistrate, and Gold. Provides an influence boost with all met city-states, Psychics start with 15 xp, have a higher chance of appearing, and city state allies may gift Psychics
    • Decision: Patronize the Sky Runner - Requires 2 Magistrates, Flight and Gold. An airport is built in the capital, all airports provide +3 Gold and +2% Empire-wide gold for every airport...