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Eastern United States 2016-10-05

Eastern United States

  1. Shiggs713
    This is converted from the standard Civ4 Eastern United States map. Doing the conversion it looked like some areas got messed up so I did a quick fix for it, but its likely not perfect. I have not touched the resources but there are some left over from the old civ4 map. There are no starting locations set, its basically just a raw map for scenario creators. It would work well with an American Revolution, or Civil War mod.

    To use it just download and extract it to your Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Maps folder


    1. eastusaciv_Kcq.jpg
    2. civ5screen0028_LiT.jpg
    3. civ5screen0029_aQy.jpg
    4. civ5screen0030_Jlw.jpg
    5. civ5screen0031_XJ9.jpg