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Easy-Start Modkit for CivIII Conquests 2016-10-05

This is an all-in-one basic modkit for people who want to start modding but aren't too experienced, or want to save the trouble of setting up all the correct files for starting a new mod.

This ModKit contains everything you need to get started making your own mod! It is for the latest version of CivIII Conquests, version 1.22. If you
don't have the latest patch to Conquests then you may download it from CivIII's official website before using the ModKit.

1. A 'MyMod' folder, which is the base scenario or mod folder for your mod. It contains all necessary subfolders as well as backup copies of some
of the files you'll alter most.
2. A 'CustomMod' file, which is your mod's file that you load into the CivIII Conquest's editor and is loaded up when you play your mod in CivIII Conquests.
3. A 'ReadMe' folder, containing 4 text documents, of which this is one. The other three are: A tutorial on adding buildings, one on adding units, and
one that contains a link to adding or changing other things in your mod.

For more information on what's included and how to use it please visit the
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