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Eden Project (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

Eden Project (XML+Python)

  1. tsentom1
    I made this for my Thomas' War mod:

    A project this time. Actually this started out as a wonder for the Eden Project in England but the ability I gave it made more sense for a powerful end game project so I changed it to that.

    So all terrain in your cultural borders is upgraded one level once you build this wonder following this formula:

    Desert -> Plains -> Grasslands -> Forest

    Snow -> Tundra -> Plains

    Ocean -> Coasts

    Spoiler :


    Just a note, oftentimes there is a lot of terrain to convert so that turn will take a little longer to end as it works through the python. It's not really significant but a heads up for people using slower computers. It's only that turn and late game turns usually take a while to end anyway.

    XML+Python: me (tsentom1)
    Wonder Movie: Arian


    EDIT: Added the movie by Arian, fixed the code so it's faster, added the ability to add a forest on grassland plots

    Edit 2: Cleaned up the code


    1. eden33_9F8.jpg