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EE2 Building Pack 1 2016-10-05

EE2 Building Pack 1

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    Buildings ripped from Empire Earth 2. Included in this pack:

    1) Desalinization plant

    2) Asian "Palace" (although this building is pretty generic; also note that it consists of two easily separateable parts, the large building and all the smaller ones are two different meshes inside the .nif file and use two different textures)

    3) Advanced Asian "Palace"

    4) Mid-Eastern "Palace"

    5) Advanced Mid-Eastern "Palace"

    6) Ballista (there are two .nifs included; one with a large base better suited for a building role, and one with a small base better used as a unit).

    7) Coastal gun

    Also included are optional detailed 512x512 textures


    1. civ4screenshot0054_Enh.jpg
    2. asiapalace_22d.jpg
    3. advasiapalace_02n.jpg
    4. midpalace_s6n.jpg
    5. advmidpalace_3lN.jpg
    6. ballista_hpS.jpg
    7. coastalgun_dy6.jpg