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EE2 Building Pack 4 - Forts Part 1 2016-10-05

As usual, 512x512 textures are included separately.


1) A wooden structure, fit for early age. Very complex model, uses 3 textures. Generally, I'd say not worth it.

2) Castle number one. Relatively simple model, nice textures.

3) Castle number two. A bit more complex model, but still in mid-range; some details are easily removed from the model. Nice.

4) Castle number three. Very complex model. The top half can easily be removed (although the result looks pretty strange).

5) A Renaissance-era fort. A very nice model. If something spoils it, it's the cannons - they account for almost half the model's polys, up to the point that I'm providing a separate cannon-free nif (but I have to admit it looks much nicer with cannons).

6) Modern (?) fort. This one is flawed; for some reason the cannons here are not textured. You can remove them, but then the turrets will look stupid. Which is a pity, because model is nice overall.


1) This one is, for some reason, shared with Mideastern culture. A moderately complex model, and one visually more fitting Middle East than Mesoamerica.

2) A nice model with two sacrificial altars included for added user pleasure.

3) A good-looking and relatively simple model.

4) The simplest model of them all, almost on par with vanilla Civ.

5) A strange hybrid of Aztec architecture and Alamo. The same cannon stuff as with Euro fort. No-cannon model included, and actually looks a tad better than Euro fort does without cannons.

6) This one looks more like a heavily armed prison to me.
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