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Eemian Interglacial / Terra Fantasia 2016-10-05

Eemian Interglacial / Terra Fantasia

  1. Ozymandias
    We are currently living in an Ice Age - more precisely, the past million years or so have had about nine 100,000 year periods (which consisted of climactic conditions akin to what probably comes to mind with the words, “Ice Age”) with ca. 10,000 year long “inter-glacial” eras between them. The one we are living in now is called the Holocene, and the prior is generally called the Eemian, which should give you some clue as to why the mod I'm making is called, “Terra Fantasia;” link to thread: (Terra Fantasia mod development.

    Homo sapiens has been around for about 200,000 years. For whatever reason, I like “real world” maps, so I am “simply” pushing the movement of humans out of Africa back to the Eemian, which reached its maximum temperature some 125,000 years ago. Elephas of many types exist across the globe except for South America and Australia, and - for whatever unspecified reason - I have Equus equally distributed.

    It was a warmer world, approximately 3◦ C warmer than today (hippopotami swam in the Themes!) with sea levels approximately 5 meters higher than the present (which, as an aside, might lead to some contemplation of current global warming, whatever the cause.)

    Included is the Terrain file as Supa's "Savannah" graphic overlays (replacing Marsh) are required. (NB: areas of vegetation aren't precisely known for the Eemian, so I've taking "artistic license" with an eye towards play balance.)


    1. eemian_interglacial_19f.jpg