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Elder Scrolls Civilization Pack (G&K) 2016-10-05

Elder Scrolls Civilization Pack (G&K)

  1. kingchris20
    Updated (July 7, 2013)! Fixed the "farm crash" bug and tidied up the XMLs

    July 3 update: New Leaders by popular demand! New and highly IMPROVED Leader Icons (spent 2 whole days creating them!), and some new leader screens for the new leaders. If you like the mod, **please give it a rating!** **! (Also updated High Rock’s colors to look less like the Inca, and because High King Emeric is in charge of High Rock now, the capital has been changed from Daggerfall to Wayrest.)

    This mod adds several elements from the Elder Scrolls Universe, 12 Civilizations, 11 Religions, Numerous Pantheon, Follower, Founder, and Enhancer Beliefs, 24 City-States, Natural Wonders, Dwemer Ruins, TES Resource, TES Eras, and a huge Tamriel Map with True Start Locations (one for Standard game speed and one for Marathon game speed)! (Updated July 3, 2013)

    Looking for the Vanilla Version?

    Have suggestions for this mod? Discuss them here!

    Installation Instructions for Mac: Thanks AlanH

    Installation Instructions for Windows 7 :
    1. Click – “Download File”
    2. Extract the file in to C:/users/”Your User Name”/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization 5/MODS
    3. Launch Game
    4. Enable mod and enjoy!
    **If updating to the newest version, make sure to delete the old file first!**

    You must start a new game after updating - You likely will not be able to load your old save with the new version of the mod. So if you want to finish the game you are currently in, wait to update until after you are done and are ready to start a new game

    1. King Dumac (Dwemereth)
    2. High King Emeric (High Rock)
    3. Gortwog gro-Nagorm (Orsinium)
    4. Mehrunes Dagon (Oblivion)
    5. An-Xileel (Argonia/Black Marsh)
    6. Keirgo (Elsweyr)
    7. Cyrus (Hammerfell)
    8. Ysgramor (Skyrim)
    9. Haymon Camoran (Valenwood)
    10. Hlaalu Helseth (Morrowind)
    11. Queen Ayrenn (Summerset Isles)
    12. Tiber Septim (Cyrodiil)

    Requires the Gods and Kings expansion - due to the unique units, buildings, traits, promotions, religions, city-states, resources and wonders in this civilization pack

    How to use A Tamriel TES CIV V Map AND A Tamriel Marathon Map with true start locations
    1)Mods, 2)Accept, 3)Next, 4)Single Player, 5)Set Up Game, 6)Map Type, 7)A Tamriel TES CIV V Map OR A Tamriel Marathon Map, 8) Click Load Scenario (make sure the check mark appears), 9)Start Game.

    After clicking on Load Scenario (found just below the name of the map) **Advanced Setup will darken, this is supposed to happen.

    Due to an unresolved issue, Random Civilization is the only thing selectable, you will start as Cyrodiil after clicking *Start Game* --- If that is who you want to play as, go ahead, its all good from here......

    however, if you want to play as anyone else besides Cyrodiil
    • Go ahead and start the game with random civilization selected (you will start as Cyrodiil)
    • Then back out to the main menu
    • Once you get back to the set up game screen and click Load Scenario again, you will be able to choose any of the 12 civs from the mod!
    Not hard, but still a little bit of a hassle. **This only happens when first starting a new game, you can load you saved games normally without doing this!**

    Can't find the maps? :mad:
    If you don’t see the maps (they should appear first on your list of maps) - double check your Documents/My Games/Civ V/Mods/TES CIV V folder to ensure that the map files are in there, if they are, you will want to COPY both of them into Documents/My Games/Civ V/Maps folder.

    :D Special thanks to Jediravenclaw (her SteamID) for creating some much nicer leader screens and Dawn of Man screens for Elsweyr, Orisinium, Morrowind, Valenwood, and High Rock! :goodjob:


    1. julyupdateworkshop_icon_1b1.jpg
    2. 2013_06_30_00002_Zua.jpg
    3. 2013_06_30_00003_kLH.jpg
    4. 2013_06_30_00004_0v9.jpg
    5. 2013_06_30_00005_a9p.jpg
    6. 2013_06_30_00006_o6g.jpg
    7. 2013_06_30_00007_g2c.jpg
    8. 2013_06_30_00008_1xo.jpg
    9. 2013_06_30_00009_83c.jpg
    10. 2013_06_30_00010_1E3.jpg
    11. 2013_06_30_00011_69W.jpg
    12. 2013_06_30_00012_lXS.jpg
    13. 2013_06_30_00013_Y98.jpg
    14. unique_abilities_gandk_3lV.jpg