Elder Scrolls Map: Cyrodiil 2016-10-05

Elder Scrolls Map: Cyrodiil

  1. BionicZero
    Size: 128x80, no wrap
    Pre-set goodies.
    Random resources.
    No set players.

    A large, free-roaming map based off the Cyrodiil nation of Tamriel as depicted in thegame The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Some of the southern region had to be cut for size, and if included would've required there to be most of Valenwood and Elsewyre with it; as it is, parts of those as well as parts of Hammerfall, Morrowind, and Skyrim are included along the edges of the map. Inside you'll see some features like mines, forts, and ruins that roughly mimic their locations in Oblivion; these don't provide much of a strategic purpose, but add a lived-in feel, and echo more of the world of the Elder Scrolls. Two more important features involve themselves in the gameplay: One, that the map is connected loosely by a series of rails that run the same paths as the main roads in Oblivion; I chose rails instead of regular roads to more distinguish them from the early-game roads the player himself would be building, and to allow quicker movement across the vast territory. Two, the major rivers of Cyrodiil - the Panther, Silverfish, and their ilk - are made of thin coastal straits instead of the actual river tile, meaning that they are navigatable, which provides a whole new dynamic to aquatic warfare and travel and how players might interact with the Niben Bay in the east.

    There are no set players, but rather 16 preplaced spawn points along the location of cities and major settlements from the game, as well as other points that were just geographical favourable or interesting; all of these, except on in northern Valenwood, are in the Cyrodiil region. City-states are free to spawn wherever they like. A single-city challenge with multiple human challenge seems particularly appropriate, but it is up to the player whether he wants to use the ample area to expand or simply appreciate the vastness of nature.

    One other thing: For reasons unknown, everytime I've tried playing this map, I always spawn in the same location, despite them being set to random. I have no idea why this happens, or whether it will happen with you, but I know there are others out there more clever than I, so I'm sure one of them may spot the problem soon off if it does.


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