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Elves and Dwarves [LOTR] 2016-10-05

2 Elves, 7 Dwarves and a Goblin. :mischief:


I felt guilty for holding on to these for so long.. some of the dwarf units aren't complete... I think the elves are high quality though. There's also a Moria Goblin included, based on my other moria goblins, but with more armour. :)

You should be able to work out which dwarves were purely made by me, and which ones are dwarves of seZereth's (different styles). Credits to seZ for his great original work. I only reboned them and retextured them slightly.

I'll update this file at some point and add more dwarves in that I have... But just so you know, I've stopped making fantasy units as The Lord of the Rings mod is never going to happen, and as good as Fall from Heaven and Dragonia are, they're not really my style. So I'll be making realistic flavour units from now on, and maybe a couple of leaders and terrain graphics. Unless I owe anybody favours. :)

* NOTE * Not all of the units are featured in the screenshots.

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