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Embark Earlier 1.1

Unlock land unit embarking earlier, in the Ancient Era via the Sailing tech. Great for island maps!

  1. Solette
    1. Unlocks land unit embarking earlier, in the Ancient Era via Sailing, rather than Shipbuilding.

    2. Unlocks ocean embarking through Shipbuilding, rather than Cartography. (Download the alternative version if you don't want this)

    This mod is good for island maps, where you want to avoid being stuck on a small land mass until turn 60-100. This also allows proper expansion, as settlers are typically restricted to a home island that may be far too small for multiple cities.
    Note that trading across water still requires the shipbuilding tech.
    I'm aware that Norway loses one of their advantages (earlier embarking) because of this mod. Perhaps I'll provide an optional balance patch soon, to give Norway a new naval trait as a compromise.

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  1. Clubber Lang
    Clubber Lang
    Version: 1.1
    Sometimes need to hit the waves quick time, nice add.