Empire at War units 2016-10-05

Empire at War units

  1. clanky4

    This contains a couple of random Imperial and Rebel Alliance units from Star Wars Empire at War

    Included are the AT-AA, Lancet, MPTL2A artillery, random civilian C, tartan cruiser, Executor star destroyer, Nebulon B, tartan cruiser, broadside cruiser, rebel assault frigate, tartan cruiser, marauder, turbo laser, and hoth turret.

    The units use the following kfms
    Spoiler :
    AT-AA: included mech.kfm
    lancet: gunship.kfm
    MPTL2A: Mobile artillery.kfm
    turbolaser/hoth turret: Mobile artillery.kfm
    civilian: included commando.kfm
    civilian_infantry: infantry.kfm

    executor: FF battleship.kfm
    tartancruiser: FF cruiser.kfm
    nebulonB: FF cruiser.kfm
    broadside cruiser: FF destroyer.kfm
    Rebel Assault Frigate: FF destroyer.kfm
    marauder: FF destroyer.kfm

    The turbolaser, and hoth turret were converted from Star Wars Battlefront 2. The remainder of the units came from Star Wars: Empire at War. The civilian unit uses SaibotLieh's Female Trooper's kfm. The AT-AA uses mech kfm from Deliverator's EE2 Future Units Kit.

    The turrets and MPTL2A do not show up in the interface, the civilian's stance is a bit odd, and scaling is a bit odd.


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