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Empires of Earth XIX (EoE19) 2016-10-05

The newest installment in the Empires map series.

Two maps!
Empires of Earth XIX
[Standard earth map]

Empires of Earth XIX (Anti-Rush Version)
[Experimental version of the previous map, designed for online play, where each civ starts with two archers that each have the double City Garrison promotion. I don't know yet if it actually stops rushing or if it slows it down(will require online play-testing) but it is based of an old idea from and old map (Earth18Civs-4bigdogs) that Tarkus had made but never really released- if you interested in seeing it I still have it, just contact me. I thought it was an excellent map.]

Both maps have the same civs and terrain. EoE19-ARV simply has the archers.

Egypt--------Ramesses II
India--------Mohandas Gandhi
China--------Mao Zedong
Greece-------Alexander the Great
Carthage-----Hannibal Barca
Persia-------Cyrus the Great
Rome---------Julius Caesar
Japan--------Tokugawa Ieyasu
Germany------Otto von Bismarck
Mongolia-----Genghis Khan
Viking-------Ragnar Lodbrok
England------Queen Victoria
Russia-------Catherine the Great
Mali---------Mansa Musa
Inca---------Huayna Capac
America------George Washington

Nothing major has changed from Empires of Earth XVIII.
Some forests have been added to Thrace/Bulgaria.
Some forests shifted about Anatolia.
Some forests have been added to the Hindu-Kush Mountain region.
Some forests have been added to the Rockie Mountains.
Some forests removed from central Mexico.
Fish & Iron added near Stavanger/Oslo.
Incan corn shifted around for benefit of Cuzco.
One mountain near Beijing is now a hill.
Removed that stupid city (of Sydney) from Australia that i added a long long time ago and simply forgot about. Who remembers the Aussies anyway?

The idea behind completley removing a civ from Iberia is to encourage more Cathaginian competition in Europe. With no direct civ located in Iberia it has become even more glamorous of a desired gem for Carthage. This should (in theory) help alliviate the tention that immediatley stems between Germany and Rome (who are the only civs still located in the cluster-f*** of Western Europe). Since Carthage resides closer to Rome than Berlin does (though separated by water) it becomes a nuisance on sicily, also causing more pretexts for Roman advanes toward North Africa rather than the Rhineland ss well as Carthaginian expansion into Old Spain. Hopefully this move has created more space without sacrifice of the feel of European competition.

Vikings should now be more of a threat for England as their land is, quite frankly, pretty damn good with their new iron & fish resuoces in Southern Norway.

Mongols start in the hills Northwest of their old 'Earth18Civs' (greatest map ever) start location. I don't know if this is a good idea or not but at the time it seemed like one. The hill should help protect them from a Chinese rush and still allow for growth in Siberia although it should also remind them they are part of the far east.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions/Flak are welcomed.

Unpack to the "...\Beyond the Sword\PublicMaps" folder if you plan on using it in online play.
Also recomended if you are into Earth maps that you visit http://www.civearth.com. An entire site devoted to Earth maps and their play.

The rest is pretty much the exact same.
- AugustusManatee :)king: of map aesthetics)
Online multiplayer civ name= 'Argonath' come play me sometime :)
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