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English King George V Battleship 2016-10-05

This ship, made by General Matt, is an English WWII battleship, based on the King George V-class.

The King George V-class battleships (KGV) were the penultimate battleship design completed for the Royal Navy (RN). Five ships of the class were commissioned: King George V (1940), Prince of Wales (1941), Duke of York (1941), Howe (1942), and Anson (1942). They carried one quadruple and one high "super-firing" twin turret forward and one quadruple turret aft. In this unique layout, she carried ten 14-inch guns. Her secondary armament consisted of sixteen 5.25 inch guns clustered amidships in eight double turrets.

The five battleships of the King George V class were the most modern in service with the Royal Navy in WWII. All five rendered invaluable service in the two-ocean war and could in fact be credited with helping to influence policy of the war itself. The best example of their importance was their critical role in the chase and sinking of Hitler's battleship Bismarck; a loss that significantly altered German Naval policy toward increased reliance on its U-boat arm.

The other significant impact in the war the Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse, which was a World War II naval engagement illustrating the effectiveness of aerial attacks against naval forces that were not protected by air cover and the resulting importance of including an aircraft carrier in any major fleet action.

The action took place east of Malaya, near Kuantan, Pahang where the British battleship HMS Prince of Wales and battlecruiser HMS Repulse were attacked by Imperial Japanese Navy land-based bombers and torpedo bombers.

The two ships were the first capital ships actively defending themselves to be sunk solely by airpower while steaming on the open sea. This incident demonstrated the vulnerability of even the most modern surface ships to the potency of air attack and drove home the necessity of air cover to protect against such an incident.

Following the end of World War Two, the remaining battleships of the King George V Class had become obsolete and expensive to run. In 1950 the class was laid up in reserve in Gareloch. The scrapping of the class was approved in 1957.

All needed files, including a button and custom animation files are included in the download.

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