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Enhanced Size Cities 1.1 2016-10-05

Enhanced Size Cities 1.1

  1. Mylon
    Readme for Enhanced Sized Cities 1.1

    This is a mod for Civilization 4 with Beyond the Sword, version 3.13. Not meant to be used with any other version of the game.

    General changes:
    * Cities now start at a radius of 1 with no culture, rapidly blooming to 2, and can expand to radius 3 and 4 by amassing more culture. Radius 3 is achieved at 12,000 culture and radius 4 is achieved at 50,000 culture, modified normally for game speed.
    * Culture provides a happiness boost of +1 for each culture level. Also, culture can provide a health boost as well. Both of these are moddable with the XML.
    * Tiles no longer get a boost to culture based on how far "inwards" they are. Previously, a foreign city would have to produce 20 more culture than another city to even start to overtake a tile one square into the border. 40 more culture to take 2 squares in, etc. With larger cultural borders and further ranges involved, this would make cultural conquest nearly impossible.
    * Additional cultural levels added. A city will be able to influence another city of the same workable radius if the workable tiles are just overlapping.

    * Fixed crashing problems plaguing some users when a city was built
    * Including Spanish Translations courtesy of Danthor from Civilization Fanatics Forums
    * Forests were giving health from 4 tiles away. This should be fixed to only include what's in the city's current workable radius. This includes only 1 tile away for cities with no culture.
    * Unit AI was previously treating all cities as if they had a radius of 4, such as automated workers improving tiles the city could not yet work. This should be fixed now.
    * Fixed a possible bug with National Parks counting forests a city could not yet work.
    * Added in the possibility for a City Radius 1 setting.

    To do:
    * Change the display so tiles not yet workable are not lit up.

    Wish list:
    * Make the city camera zoom level based on the city's radius. I have been unsuccessful with trying to change the zoom distance before the camera changes and there is no reference in the DLL or python to the zoom distance specified in the XML as to make it variable.