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Epic Earth 2016-10-05

Epic Earth

  1. jsweeney
    Using Rhye's Earth Map from his mod Rhyes and Fall of Civilization and several components of his mod, I have developed an earth map with numerous historically placed Independent Cities. There is a 40 civ dll in the mod now, so you can add more civs that you want with Notepad or any other program you use. This is my first mod of any kind so I'm pretty sure i messed up somewhere and if i did just tell me and I'll fix it. Screenshots soon. To play extract the folder then go to PublicMaps folder and click on the save there.

    BEYOND THE SWORD!!!!!!!!!

    Spoiler :

    26 civilizations
    Egypt-Ramesses II
    China-Mao Zedong
    Greece- Alexander
    Rome- Augustus
    Arabia- Saladin
    Germany- Bismarck
    France- Napoleon
    England- Victoria
    Mali-Mansa Musa
    Aztec- Montezuma
    Inca- Huayna Capac
    Mongolia- Genghis Khan
    Dutch- Willem Van Oranje
    Ottomans- Mehmed II
    Portugal- Joao II
    Scotland- Boudica
    Austria- Francis I (peter)
    Ethiopia-Zara Yaqob

    Change Log:
    Spoiler :

    12/23/09-Fixed end year Problem

    7/12/09-Updated for 3.19 and made minor changes. Added Ethiopia and Babylon.

    5/31/09-Made major changes. Added new flags, changed Persia with Iran, and made the Celts Scotland with a Blue border color and Scottish flag.

    4/29/09- Added two new maps, EpicEarthOldWorld with only old world civs, and an EpicEarthNewWorld, with, you guessed it, only new world civs. First one is historically accurate, while second one asks what if? Also included all civs in the XML so you can add in whichever you want.

    4/28/09-Fixed end year problem. Original Release ended at 1000 AD and newest Release ends at 2050 AD.


    1. civ4screenshot0126_6p1.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0127_SQ3.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0131_fFS.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0128_152.jpg
    5. civ4screenshot0129_dGW.jpg
    6. civ4screenshot0130_04G.jpg