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Equestria (Beta) 2016-10-05

Yup. A My Little Pony civ for Beyond the Sword. The bronies are taking over the world! :run:

Installation instructions:
Simply download the file to Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword/MODS and extract with 7zip or WinRAR.

This is an beta version, so not all the features may be available, and some graphics may be missing. Be sure to check back for updates!

Here is the discussion thread, which is also home to my other, real-life civs!

Now on to stats:

Spoiler Leader 1 :

Celestia (Phi/Chm)

Spoiler Leader 2 :

Luna (Chm/Org)

Spoiler Leader 3 :

Twilight Sparkle (Phi/Org)

Spoiler UU :

Royal Guard (Replaces Knight; can traverse impassable terrain and has flat movement costs)

Spoiler UB :

Magical Academy (Replaces University; +25% :gp:)

Spoiler New Religion :

Spoiler Version History :

Beta 1.25
Fixed building scales
Added button for Brony based off Colonization

Beta 1.2
Tweaked city list even more.
Added Twilight Sparkle
Added Church of Harmony Religion

Beta 1.1
Tweaked list some more.
Changed Celestia's theme to Thaxted by Gustav Holst
Changed flag
Changed UB from Canterlot to Magical Academy
New Royal Guard stats and graphics

Alpha 1.3 (25-5-2012)
Added diplomacy text for Celestia and Luna
Changed Luna's diplomacy theme.
Changed Celestia's diplomacy to Willem van Oranje's theme and Frederick's.
Modified city list.
Changed Luna's traits to Chm/Org

Alpha 1.2 (20-1-2012):
Changed Celestia's trait to Phi/Chm
Added button for Royal Guard
Luna's diplomacy is now For the New Lunar Republic
Changed UB from Orchard to Canterlot

Alpha 1.0:

Added Equestria

Spoiler Credits :

Eqestria, Celestia, Luna, etc. are all copyright Hasbro and are the brain child of Lauren Faust

Luna's diplomacy theme is For The New Lunar Republic.

SpiritofthwWolf for the Elements of Harmony graphics.
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