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Era-Specific Fishing Boats 2016-10-05

You know those little boats that appear in your sea tiles when you have citizens working there? Isn't it annoying how, in the later ages of the game, all your improvements change to more modern versions except for the fishing boats? Well, here is a mod that upgrades the graphics for these boats in Medieval and Industrial ages. It's a small modcomp, but I feel it adds some more flavor to the late game :)

This mod includes one XML file and two art folders. If you wish to include these in your own game, copy/paste these into the respective Custom Assets folder. To make it easier for modders who wish to add this to their own game I have included [ <!-- !@#$ NEW $#@! --> ] at the beginning of the changes I made in the XML and [ <!-- !@#$ END $#@! --> ] at the end. To use just one of the boat-styles in a specific scenario, just remove the "_medieval" or "_modern" at the end of the workboat and the net .nif files.

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