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Estebanium's Terrain Texture Enhancement - Lite v4


A lite version of Estebanium's excellent work. For some people the game doesn't handle 2k textures well, so I downscaled Estebanium's textures back to 1k, and made some minor color adjustments on it. I've based it on v11 since that was closer to vanilla. Thanks to Estebanium for their work and for giving me the permission the share this
- Almost all textures downscaled by half, bringing them back to the vanilla size. Some minor textures (citybase etc.) still remain upscaled from vanilla because their resolution was too low originally. Can bring them back to vanilla size if anyone's having performance problems.
- Minor color adjustments: Plains are yellower (more like vanilla) and African grassland is greener. I tried to increase vibrancy for forests (while making the American forests less orange), hoping to make them blend better with the new color palette, not sure how much it affected the look though.
-Added a modified, less green shallow sea texture.

I'll probably make some other minor adjustments as I play, I can take requests but I'm nowhere near skilled as the original author and can't do much except simple stuff like recolouring/denoising/AI upscaling.
You can see the comparison as attached (I may have done some more adjustments after these were taken though)

--- Install as a DLC ( unzip to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Assets\DLC )
-- Savegame compatible, can be installed or removed at any point, as long as you don't have the game open.
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U know what would be awesome? To turn this textures for Civ 6 textures and fix the ..."Environment Skin from civ 5 to civ 6"
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