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Ethnic Diverse Citystyles - v0.94 2016-10-05

Ethnic Diverse Citystyles - vs 0.94
Warlords 2.08 version

This mod is made to make the civilizations more culturally diverse with the available art made by freelance modders.
Basically, citysets of the different artstyle groups have been changed/altered until the Modern Era, where ever art was available for it. In some cases you'll still see the normal ingame cityset buildings, which means I haven't found art for those spots or I intended it to remain there. Also, for some units and buildings new .dds files are included which I felt made them look better without altering the basic model of it.
Besides citystyles, new palaces have been included for the different artstyles. This part is not finished yet since there's no art available for some artstyles/era's.
The new artstyles in this mod are AFRICAN, EGYPTIAN, INDIAN, MEDITERRANEAN, VIKING, SOUTH-EAST ASIAN and NATIVE AMERICAN (the last is not used yet by a civ, put it in for the upcoming BtS expansion ;) ). Don't expect truly different citystyles in all cases tho, quite a number of them are hybrids, especially the Indian -and Khmer civ.

Simply unzip the download to your Warlords/mods folder, check if there are NO double folders of "Ethnically Diverse Citystyles" (Warlords/mods/Ethnically Diverse Citystyles/Ethnically Diverse Citystyles), and start the game as usual for loading up a mod.

Thanks for the art in this mod go to asioasioasio, Chamaedrys, C.Roland, Ganart, hrochland, Sevo, White Rabbit, Woodelf and last but not least the FfH artteam.
Feel free to include this package in whatever modification you're busy with, it's there to use.

Enjoy! :)
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