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Ethnic Diversity v.29 beta 5b

Ethnic Diversity

  1. v.29 beta 5b

    Quick fix for Polish knight
  2. v.29 beta 5

    v.29 beta 5 (November 12, 2017)
    • add zwei833's Han spearman as pikeman for Asian civs
    • add zwei833's Bashtnik as pikeman for Eastern European civs
    • add zwei833's Lefegii as longswordsman for Eastern European civs
    • add zwei833's Vitez as knight for Eastern European civs
    • add zwei833's missionaries for India and Middle Eastern civs
    • add zwei833's ambassador as Renaissance-era Great Diplomat for City State Diplomacy mod
    • sharing of artillery models
  3. v29b4-fixed

    v29 BETA 4 with quick fix for inivisble settlers
  4. v29b4

    v.29 beta 4 (May 22, 2017)
    - add Carthage units from JTitan
    - add Prehistoric Era units from JTitan
    - add danrell's half-track anti-aircraft guns
    - add generic EE Galleon skin
    - fix SE Asian knight and several units from the mod unit pack
    - fix Future Worlds units that were causing crashes
    - scale tweaks to missionaries and inquisitors
  5. v29b2

    Fixed super-gigantic Swedish warriors
    Scale tweaks
    Added some 2-Handed Swordsmen for Renaissance Era Revised mod
    Added some Galleons for Enlightenment Era mod