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Ethnic Wonders of Civilizations 2016-10-05

Ethnic Wonders of Civilizations - basic version 0.75
Warlords 2.08 version

This mod is an attempt to make the civilizations more culturally diverse with the available art made by Firaxis and freelance modders. Basically, citysets -and national wonders of the different artstyle groups have been changed/altered until the Industrial Era, where ever art was available for it.
In some cases you'll still see the custom wonders/cityset, which means I haven't (yet) found or included art for those spots. In addition, some city facilities modernize from the Industrial Era on in order to let them blend in better with the more modern graphics in the game. No facility function has been altered in this mod, despite that in some cases civs will show the unique building graphic from another civ.​

Simply unzip the download to your Warlords/mods folder, check if there are NO double folders of "Ethnic Wonders Of Civilizations" (Warlords/mods/Ethnic Wonders of Civilizations/Ethnic Wonders of Civilizations), and start the game as usual for loading up a mod.​

Thanks for the numerous arts in this mod go to (in alphabetic order) asioasioasio, Chamaedrys, C.Roland, Firaxis, Ganart, Hadrean, hrochland, Killamike718, Prestidigitator, Rabbit,White, Sevo and last but not least
:)D) Woodelf. Cheers for your relentless work guys, without you civ would be a much bleaker game. ;)

Feel free to include this package in whatever modification you're busy with, it's there to use.

Enjoy! :)
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