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Europa - An Embellished Central Europe Map 2016-10-05

Europa - An Embellished Central Europe Map

  1. BionicZero
    Size: 70x80, no wrap
    Random goodies.
    Pre-set resources.
    No set players.

    One thing I've always bemoaned about Earth maps, or even Europe maps, was that in an effort to cover as much playable land as possible, much of the beautiful detail of the terrain was lost. With aesthetics in mind, I thus zoomed in on Europe inorder to capture as much of terrain as possible while still having a life flow through it. To this end, some liberties were taken, such as enlarging Britannia, Jutland, and the Low Countries, and widening Italia so that more cities can fit on there. Unlike most European maps, with this the player should have ample opportunity to expand beyond the typical three or four city limit, so that Le Mans can get some love too, instead of being crowded out by Paris, and Dusseldorf can compete with Cologne.

    One result of the terrain detail is that there are a lot more rivers than usual, making the land quite fertile; while I can't vouch fully for their accuracy, they mostly follow their natural courses. The land is also rich with resources, placed along natural areas as best as possible, encouraging plentiful city expansion. Of particular note is that the Alps are actually a challenge to navigate in this map, unlike their paltry one-tile thickness that you'll find in both maps, while the hillsides remain nutrient-rich enough to sustain a small but determined crop of Swiss cities should the player so choose.

    The map lends itself well, I think, to some historical scenarios, like the Hundred Years War or German Unification, and I would happily encourage anyone, should they wish to pursue such an endeavour.

    The map doesn't include set Civs, but has 25 starting points for random players, with city-states being allowed to spawn anywhere; these locations are roughly the spots of capitals and major cities of Europe, namely:
    London, England
    Cardiff, Wales
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Paris, France
    Bordeaux, France
    Marseilles, France
    Barcelona, Spain
    Geneva, Switzerland
    Venezia, Italy
    Rome, Italy
    Genoa, Italy
    Cagliari, Sardinia
    Amsterdam, Holland
    Copenhagen, Zealand
    Cologne, Germany
    Berlin, Germany
    Munich, Germany
    Vienna, Austria
    Danzig/Gdansk, Poland
    Waraw, Poland
    Minsk, Belarus
    Riga, Latvia
    Sarajevo, Bosnia
    Bucharest, Romania
    Thessalonica, Greece


    1. europa_EVF.png
    2. alps_9u9.png
    3. scotland_I8b.png
    4. belarus_pFl.png
    5. blue_danube_T12.png