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europe, 18 Civs, 3 city start, religions present 2016-10-05


I've customised the Europe map so every nation has its carrect capital and two other big cities (i.e., France has Paris, Marseilles & Lyon), the appropriate religion (Stockholm is christian, damascus is Muslim, Istanbul is both). I've used the HRE as a sort of catch all Northern Eastern & Central Europe, it starts with warsaw, Prague and Vienna, and I've use dthe Sumerians as a catch-most levant civ (Damascus, Beirut and Jerusalem). I've put in a few big cities that cant be used for any existing civs (Belgrade, Helsinki, Berne, etc) as Barb cities. Everyone starts off with one worker and one scout. A couple things have been balanced out, Cetls (Irish and scots on this map) have a couple galleys, as do the English and Vikings (effectively on an Island) and Russias 3 cities have connecting road to make up for the big distance between them. I've also added in a few other minor alteration, Oil fields in Romania, little bit extra foods for the Desert Civs etc.

I think some people would enjoy it.

Only one problem. I have no idea how to upload it. If anyone wants to PM me or post it I'd be happy to share.

p.s. for some reason on the first turn your cities dont ask for build commands, so be careful not to sit like a slack-jamed fool waiting for your workers to finish before you realise nothings being built like I did.
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