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Europe and Eurasia maps 03-12-18

Europe and Eurasia maps

  1. NiRv4n4
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    NiRv4n4 Europe and Eurasia.png

    As of February 2018, there are 2 different maps included in this download, each with 3 versions. The first is a map of Europe and the second is a map of Eurasia. For my Europe map, there is a "North Expanded", and "East Expanded" version, screenshots of which can be viewed below. In these versions, each player starts with a few cities, religions are already on the board, and there are plenty of barbarians around. For my Eurasia map, there is a regular start, and an alternate start, featuring different civilizations, with plenty of barbarian cities and religions also already placed, which can be seen below.

    Each map has a version called "Blank Start" which is what I would recommend playing first; in these versions, the number of barbarian cities are reduced, there are no religions on the map at the start, and each player starts with only a settler, warrior, and scout at the location of their capital city. This version allows for the greatest amount of freedom and unpredictability.

    Aside from very old change logs from when I first made and updated this map, the rest of this post will focus on the Europe - Blank Start and Eurasia - Blank Start maps. The screenshots have been taken several turns in to show where the capital cities are located; on turn 0, you just have a settler, scout, and warrior at that location.

    EUROPE - Blank Start


    Isabella for Spain
    Elizabeth for England
    Louis XIV for France
    Hannibal for Carthage
    Augustus for Rome
    Ragnar for Vikings
    Frederick for Prussia
    Charles (Charlemagne leaderhead) for Austria
    Alexander for Macedonia
    Catherine for Russia
    Bulan (Genghis Khan leaderhead) for Khazaria
    Tigranes (Gilgamesh leaderhead) for Armenia
    Hatshepsut for Egypt
    Saladin for Arabia
    Cyrus for Persia
    Kublai Khan for Mongolia
    Demetrios (Pericles leaderhead) for Bactria
    Asoka for India

    EURASIA - Blank Start


    Isabella for Spain
    Elizabeth for England
    Louis XIV for France
    Augustus for Rome
    Bismarck for Germany
    Justinian for Byzantium
    Peter for Russia
    Mansa Musa for Mali
    Zara Yaqob for Ethiopia
    Ramesses II for Egypt
    Saladin for Arabia
    Cyrus for Persia
    Asoka for India
    Suryavarman II for Khmer
    Genghis Khan for Mongolia
    Qin Shi Huang for China
    Wang Kon for Korea
    Tokugawa for Japan​

    Realism Invictus

    I have also included my map of Europe expanded to the east adapted to Realism Invictus, there are almost 30 playable civilizations. Give it a try if you enjoy the mod. Here is a screenshot of it:​


    Installation Instructions

    After downloading, right click the file 'Europe & Eurasia' and click "Open containing folder".Select the file(s) you want to play, and extract them to your Civ 4 saves folder (usually found in Documents: My Games: Beyond the Sword: Saves: Worldbuilder

    Then, start the game up, go to "Play Scenario" (or Custom Scenario to change up options), and enjoy!​

    Civilization 5 version of map released at - http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=385112. Follow the link for info on how to install it.

    Old change logs, etc:

    Spoiler :

    Most of the rest of this post is unaltered and references the map now identified as "Europe - North Expanded":

    This is a map of Europe, 110 by 100 tiles. It includes all of Europe, north Africa, and west Asia. I made it by working off of the Europe map that came with BTS. The main reason I am posting this is to hopefully get suggestions as to what could be changed to make it better, involving balance and geographical accuracy. The map has Europe, the Middle East, and the Atlas mountain region, but I suppose you can gather the most by looking at it. The leaders are as follows, clockwise around the Mediterranean from Iberia;

    Joao for Portugal
    Isabella for Spain
    Louis XIV for France
    Victoria for England
    Bismarck for Prussia
    Canute (Ragnar leaderhead) for Vikings
    Julius Ceasar for Rome
    Charles V (Charlemagne leaderhead) for Austria
    Pericles for Greece
    Justinian I for Byzantines
    Peter for Russia
    Aetias (Brennus leaderhead) for Scythians (located in Ukraine)
    Genghis Khan for Mongols
    Tigranes II (Gilgamesh) for Armenia
    Cyrus for Persia
    Hatshepsut for Egypt
    Hannibal for Carthage

    Maps from previous versions -
    Spoiler :

    4.0 map
    Spoiler :

    3.0 map
    Spoiler :

    2.5 map
    Spoiler :

    2.0 maps
    Europe - Improved
    Spoiler :

    Alternate version - Europe - Danmark
    Spoiler :

    1.6 map
    Spoiler :

    1.5 map
    Spoiler :

    1.2 map
    Spoiler :

    1.1 map
    Spoiler :

    1.0 map
    Spoiler :

    I placed all of the resources and redid all of the terrain by hand (Mesopotamia going into the Persian Gulf was quite an issue, as well as completely redoing Iberia), and made static starting positions. I have playtested quite a few times on this, and Russia, Germany, and Greece usually came out on top, although there are rather frequently exceptions. However, they were for the most part rather even by 150 turns in.

    Previous changes
    Spoiler :
    Note for version 1.1 - Added the Byzantines to the Carpathian Basin area, and have changed some aspects to make it more balanced.

    Note for version 1.2 - Fixed up Iberia and north Africa, made a lot of minor changes and balanced it a lot more.

    Note for version 1.5 - Made a bunch of changes since last time, changes in leaders and such. Redid resources, and made a bunch of other minor changes. So, any suggestions by people would be great, and I would appreciate it.

    Note for Version 2.0 - In this, I added another file (Europe - Danmark) which bears the distinction that the Vikings start in Denmark, not Norway, and a land bridge is made between Denmark and Sweden. Other changes were made as well.

    Note for version 2.5 - In this version, the Norse are only located in Denmark. Portugal has been added in, with appropriate resource restructuring to make things more balanced.

    Note for version 3.0 - The map has been expanded southward, courtesy of Mapview, and Arabia was replaced with a more location-appropriate Egypt. The other, smaller, Arabia map is included as "Europe - Arabia", so if you want to play as Saladin, use that one.

    Note for version 4.0 - Many changes have been made since the last version. The British Isles, Levant, and Pontic coasts have all been redesigned, and various mountain ranges have received changes (Alps now have a defined Swiss region, Atlas mountains are not so enormous, Ural mountains are more resource rich to help the often-lagging Mongols). I have removed the Turks of central Anatolia and replaced them with the Byzantines in Constantinople. Also, a new civilization, the Armenian Empire, has been added into the Armenian Highland. Bonus resources were all erased and re-placed according to balance and regional geography. This map may or may not be more balanced than the 3.0 version; as I notice certain areas of imbalance, I will adjust my worldbuilder save, and occasionally re-upload the more balanced file as I deem fit.

    Note for version 5.0 - in this update, the map has been expanded two tiles both to the east and to the south. The regions of Iran, Turkestan, Bohemia, Pomerania, Iberia, and more, have all been changed. One particular problem was the northern latitude of the Persian Gulf; this has been corrected. Also included in this version is an alternative map, "Europe - Cities Placed". In that scenario, each civilization begins with three major cities, and barbarian cities abound. To keep the Levant competitive, Saladin has been added into that file. I will experiment with certain city arrangements to see what works best. Religions are all pre-placed, and you can expect the game to take off much more quickly with 3 cities and a collection of units. To compensate for this, both the "Europe - Improved" file and the "Europe - Cities Placed" file have less bonus resources, so the game won't end at AD 600.


    1. EURASIA.png
    2. Eurasia-regular.png
    3. Eurasia-alternate.png
    4. EUROPE.png
    5. Europe-east.png
    6. Europe-north.png