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Europe/Arabia/Mesopotamia 2016-10-05

Made this map for a scenario I am thinking about, been wanting to make this for a long while now. Some of the problems I notice with the usual maps of this area is that they either show too much territory (too big) or cut vital areas out.

The TAM mod map is probably the best one of this area out to date. My map is similar except I am including a bit of scandinavia and the upper nile area, while a lot of useless steppe has been cut.

My map would be good for cradle of civilization mods thru the classical and roman time period, really right on up through the dark ages. Once you get past this point you really need to see more of russia and scandinavia.

Basically I drew a freehand sketch of europe and the middle east, then drew a rectangle on about a 30 degree angle around the area I wanted, then rotated the paper and used that as a guide.

While I do love large maps, the scenario I am planning needs a smaller one for gameplay reasons, this map is 110 by 80. I may redo this map about 160 by 120 if I get some time to do so.

Since it is freehand drawing there are a couple spots that dont look exactly right, also its smaller map so not as much room for detail. Feel free to post feedback or change map as you need.

It is virgin map, no resources, locations, etc.

A bit more about the map, if I may!

I'm going to use for a Byzantine Reconquest/Muslim Expansion/Rise of the HRE scenario and it really is perfect for such a period as Constantinople is at almost dead center of the map.

I really hope I get around to making the bigger version though, as this would also be prime for excellent mods like RFRE. My maps twisted perspective dosent do away with the wasted spaces of the map, but it does make those wasted spaces places where nothing is built anyway. For example the sw corner of my map is all ocean and again some more up in nw, while we dont have all the crappy steppes. There is still enough steppes to throw in the invading nomads but without having to make that big water area (like RFRE does) which is rather annoying in an historical scenario/mod.
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