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Europe BTS 17 2016-10-05

Europe map with 17 civs.
Scottish (Brennus), English, Vikings, Rusian, Mongols, Celtics, Roman, Dutch French, Roman, Spain, Portugal, Carthage, Egypt, Babylon, Ottoman, and Greek.

This map is prepared for multiplayer AND singleplayer. It's playable with techtrading without brokering.

AI civs act as they should. For example it doesnt seems that Carthage likes Rome that mutch. Rome would like to spread to greece and France. Mongols are keen on sending a stack of keshiks towards the heart of Europe.

The difficulty setting monarchy is done, to make health and happiness resources more important. To posses them or to be able to trade will be more important. The teching isnt affected that mutch. (btw I would like to set it higher but people are too scared about)

To be a reliable trading partner, or to find allies versus a raging civilization may lead to victory or being the victim.

Industrial time is starting and u get fear about missing oil? So hopefully u have the Iraqis as a friend or just settle to the New World and grab ur own.
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