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Europe DCM Epic 2016-10-05

Europe DCM Epic

  1. Shiggs713
    This is a conversion of the original blank Europe map that came with Civ4. It is specifically made for Dales Combat Mod.

    This is the initial release, further releases may take place if needed or desired for balance reasons. I've already ran dozens of AutoAI games out a few hundred turns to ensure the balance is at least close already.

    This is meant to only be played on Epic or Marathon. Playing with faster turns will change the balance of the map in a very negative way.

    You'll notice Russia could grow to be absolutely huge, I've tried to balance this out by limiting resources in the area, as well as giving other areas more resources.

    Also in general, western/northern Europe should be usually slightly ahead in tech over nations such as Carthage, Egypt, Babylon, or the Ottomans. This is because there is no land oil anywhere near western/northern Europe, except in the seas. In general this should balance things out for a more realistic outcome.

    There is also very few stone/marble resources, and no industrious leaders. This is for balance, and to make the wonder production slower and more important.

    If you enjoy the map, great! :) If not, instead of leaving a bad review, please PM me or leave a comment on what could use adjusting. There will most likely be several adjustments made over the next few months.